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Our staff are highly qualified and trained to take care of your physiotherapy needs. At Bribie Physio we understand the importance of care and finding the right treatment. We consider our service and clients carefully and respect your personal trust.


Exercise Physiologist

Mitch is an enthusiastic individual dedicated to providing a holistic treatment method to all his clients, for them to fulfil their long-term health and wellbeing goals. The ideal goal is to achieve an improved quality of life, no matter the age or capability. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Mitch was naturally drawn to the water, spending his younger years surfing and sailing. Mitch has a Professional Athlete background and represented the Laser Class in the Australian Sailing Team for many years. This involved, year-round international travel and interstate training. He now enjoys spending more time at home, having his weekends free to spend at the beach relaxing or camping with his family. He discovered his passion for health and exercise from a young age. This knowledge fuelled his personal endeavours in sailing a helped develop his skillset as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Mitch has seen firsthand the importance that routine exercise plays in injury prevention, rehabilitation and long term physical and mental wellbeing. Mitch thoroughly enjoys working with a diverse age group, from school age children to people in their 90’s. He looks forward to helping you achieve your personal goals!


Exercise Phsiologist

Dana is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Bribie Physiotherapy. She has a passion for assisting all individuals - particularly the elderly to regain and maintain their independence through health and wellness. Dana focuses on utilising exercise as medicine and specialises in chronic disease prevention and management, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, women’s health and Pilates. Dana has had varied experience across private practices and hospital based settings where she has come to appreciate the importance on educating and facilitating individuals health and fitness journey On the weekends you’ll find Dana working as a sports trainer at various sporting events, exploring the great outdoors or playing with her three whippets.